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What is the relationship between MPYH and Stillwater Marina?

Back in 1987, MPYH was formed to purchase the docks from what was then called Stillwater Yacht Club creating two separate entities – the dock association (MPYH) and the land facilities (now Stillwater Marina). A master 50-year renewable lease was created between the two entities. MPYH pays rent to Stillwater Marina in exchange for access to the docks, parking, and winter storage. In addition, we have access to any other facilities they choose to provide such as the pool, and restrooms. It is important to note that only our access to these amenities is guaranteed in the lease. How they are maintained or whether they exist at all is at the sole discretion of Stillwater Marina.

Does MPYH have any control over the land facilities (pool, bathrooms, landscaping, etc.)?

Not directly, although we are always negotiating for improvements.

Has the board ever considered buying Stillwater Marina?

Yes, but it has never been made available to us to purchase. It would also require 80% approval of the members, dissolution of the MPYH non-profit organization, reorganization as a for-profit company and extensive outside financing for starters.

Do I have to cover my boat with white shrink-wrap in the winter?

Yes, if you want your boat stored in the main parking area. This is a Stillwater Marina policy (08-22-05 memo from Stillwater Marina).

Can I do my own winter boat covering and choose my own color?

Yes, but you are restricted to the area north of West Marine. This is a Stillwater Marina policy. However, you cannot do your own shrink-wrapping due to safety concerns and insurance restrictions.

Am I obligated to use Stillwater Marina for servicing my boat (including winterizing and shrink-wrap)?

No. However, an outside contractor working on the boat while in the slip must be bonded and insured. Likewise, outside shrink-wrap installers must be bonded and insured. You cannot do your own shrink-wrapping due to safety concerns and insurance restrictions.

Do I have to be present to allow a vendor contractor on the docks to work on my boat (such as the cable guy)?


How do I get cable TV/Internet service on my boat?

Comcast is available throughout the Marina. Members should contact Comcast directly for pricing and package information. MPYH charges a one-time $35.00 fee to prepare the stanchion for the Comcast tech, contact info@mpyh.com. Several alternatives also exist for internet TV services, most popular include Ruko, Sling TV, and Hulu.

How are parking spaces allotted to each member?

Parking is available to members on a first-come first-serve basis. Camping in the parking lot (van, RV, camper, etc.) is NOT allowed unless permitted by SM. Please make not of city parking regulations.

Finding good parking is difficult sometimes. Can’t anything be done?

MPYH does not control the parking areas. Stillwater Marina controls the main parking lot around the service buildings. The city of Stillwater owns and controls the property along the walking trail. Please take note of the city parking rules.

Why can’t I own more than 3 slips?

It has always been The Association’s intent and desire to have the marina primarily owner occupied. This limitation was created to guard against individuals or entities buying up large blocks of the marina for rental slips (bylaws Article 4, section 1, 11/09/96).

Why does MPYH need proof of insurance coverage for my boat?

The liability insurance carrier for MPYH requires that member boats are insured and that our organization does due diligence in seeing to it that members stay current.

What is the access card policy? What if I lose my card or it is stolen?

The access cards are sequentially numbered rather than pairs. For replacement of a lost access card please contact Leah Legato, info@mpyh.com. We encourage members to replace lost access card immediately to facilitate a safe dock environment for all MPYH members. The cost to replace an access card is $75.00 per card. The lost access card will then be de-activated.

A third access card can be issued to an absentee owner, so they can check on their slips: $150.00 refundable fee when returned. Dependent access cards can be issued for children (living at home) between the ages of 16-21 years old: up to 2 cards, $150.00 each, refundable fee when returned.

Dock Rules:

No screws, nails or anything else that could damage the surface of the docks can be installed by anyone other than MPYH employees. Dock boxes MUST be installed by MPYH maintenance. We have established a system that will not affect the decking material. There will be no cost to have them installed, simply contact info@mpyh.com and we’ll get it scheduled for installation. Boxes must also be an approved design. Only white, commercially made, marine use fiberglass or plastic dock boxes will be accepted. No home-made, garden, wood or metal boxes will be allowed. Only square or rectangle boxes can be installed on the finger. Corner boxes can be installed only on optional corners. They must be located on your “half” of the finger, in the first third of the finger. Our maintenance team will work with you to choose an acceptable location.

Dock Stairs:

Stairs MUST be installed by MPYH maintenance. There will be no charge for their installation. Contact info@mpyh.com to get it scheduled. Stairs must be approved by MPYH maintenance and be of a uniform design, made of fiberglass or aluminum only. No home-made, wood or stairs designed for any other purpose will be allowed. Stairs must be installed on your “half” of the finger.


Please do not use pressure washers on or in around the Ipay decking, it will strip the oil from from the wood.


Shore power cords cannot lay on any portion of the docks. The skirt board is the only acceptable place to mount anything to help with cord management. MPYH maintenance will also help with the routing of cords.


Additional fenders can only be attached to the skirt boards. Absolutely nothing can be attached that will compromise the rub rail in any way. No screws or nails are allowed to penetrate the rub rail. Dock wheels must be installed by MPYH maintenance. We have several designs for the ends of fingers already being used. Additional wheels can be installed on a case-by-case basis. MPYH maintenance will assist in the design and installation of additional wheels. Depending on the
situation additional charges may be incurred.

No rugs, carpet, bike racks, kayak mounts, etc. can be installed on the docks. We understand the variety of boats in the marina, and that special circumstances may require special needs. Wheels, fenders and other accessories may be needed to keep your boating experience safe and enjoyable. The MPYH maintenance team will assist you with any special requirements.

Can I add extra dock cleats? All request for additional dock cleats need to be run through MPYH maintenance.


Please note: boat length overall (LOA) includes bow pulpit and anchor as well as swim platforms & davits. Absoutely no part of your boat can stick out over the dock. The responsibility of the boat to comply with MPYH’s 3-foot rule is solely that of the owner of the boat. Failure to abide by the rule will result in the removal of the boat and all rental fees will be forfeited

Can I have a dinghy or second boat in my slip?

Yes. Your primary and secondary watercrafts, together, cannot protrude more than 3 feet beyond the end of the dock finger. The secondary craft may not be longer than the width of your slip. It must be insured and display a current MPYH sticker.

Can I have friends tie up behind my slip when they visit?

No. You can move your boat to a tie-along space and allow your guest to use your slip as long as you notify the board or your dock rep in advance AND your guest provides written proof of insurance. VERBAL CLAIMS OF PERMISSION AND INSURANCE ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Can I swim in the marina?


  • There is no visible warning or way to tell if water surrounding a boat, marina or dock is energized or within seconds will become energized with fatal levels of electricity.
  • In most circumstances victims do not immediately feel electrical current when they enter or swim in the water around a marina or dock, thus giving the victims the false impression that it is “safe” to swim. Most often, electricity enters the water when an electrical fault occurs aboard a boat. Often, the electric fault occurring aboard the boat is intermittent.
  • Under the typical scenario, the victim’s muscles become paralyzed by the electrical current, he or she is unable to swim, and ultimately drowns.
  • Until very recently, there has been very little public awareness about the danger of Electric Shock Drowning. As a result, Electric Shock Drowning continues to kill and new families are devastated on a yearly basis with very little public awareness.
Can I fish in the Marina?

No, we do not allow fishing from the docks.

What is the speed limit in the harbor?

In harbor, travel is closed throttle, steerage only as in all no-wake zones.

How late can I party in my slip?

You must be considerate of your neighbors AT ALL TIMES. Unreasonable noise and parties after 10 PM are not allowed. You are also responsible for the actions of your guests. Inconsiderate behavior in the slip may result in a grievance filed against you. In serious cases, revocation of your membership is a possibility.

What is MPYH policy for the conduct of members and their guests?

Owners & their guests should conduct themselves with consideration for others in mind.  Disorderly, disruptive or ill-mannered conduct by members or their guests, which involves risk of harm to the marina or fellow members, is prohibited.

Noise- Loud music or large parties are prohibited after 10pm. Except for entering or leaving slips, main engines, generators and other noisy equipment may not be operated between 10pm and 8am.

How does MPYH handle grievances?

The purpose of the grievance is to inform the board of a situation – whether a single or continuing incident – that is a rule violation which is disrupting the “quiet enjoyment” of one’s slip. The grievance may be filed against another member, renter or guest. It should be mailed or presented to the board in writing, signed and dated. A detailed account of the incident should be described along with supporting statements from witnesses, security and/or police. The board will notify the member/renter/guest to appear before the board where resolution will be discussed. In serious cases, revocation of your membership is a possibility.

Under what circumstances is a slip cabled? If my slip is cabled, how do I get it removed?

A slip may be cabled for nonpayment of dues, violations of rules of conduct, incomplete slip documentation or failure to supply proof of insurance. To get the cable removed, satisfy the violation and pay a $150 fee to MPYH. Cables are removed Monday through Thursday only. Unauthorized removal or damage to lock/cable will result in additional fines and/or a grievance filed against you. A “courtesy cable” may be requested by the slip owner at no charge to keep unauthorized boats out if the slip is empty.

Does MPYH have security? Who do I call if there is a problem?

MPYH hires an off-duty law enforcement officer to patrol the docks on weekend evenings and summer holidays. If you have an emergency, call 911. If you have a general security concern, contact the board.

Can I move the dock cleats to better fit my boat?

Dock cleats may not be moved. All requests for additional dock cleats can be made by contacting MPYH maintenance or info@mpyh.com

How do I go about selling or leasing a slip?

Go to our ‘forms’ page to download the sale form. You may contact the MPYH office at 651-705-8816 for more information.

Can I use a credit card to pay my annual association fees?

No. The fees associated with credit card transactions are high and would require raising the annual fees to all members to offset the cost.

Can I pay my annual association fees in installments?

Association fee statements are sent out on December 15 and due January 15. If you do not pay the balance in full by January 15, the outstanding balance will be charged a 1.5% late fee per month. All fees must be paid in full before April 15 or use and possession of your slip will be denied and cancellation of Occupancy Agreement procedures will be started.

Are the association fees tax deductible?

No. Per our Long Term Renewable Lease, association fees are used to pay rent to Stillwater Marina and therefore not tax-deductible for members.

History of MPYH Logo

The original logo representing the Marina was a white, grey and blue flag with a mulberry leaf in the center. The leaf represented the mulberry trees in front of the Marina. In 2021 the Board of Directors re-designed the logo to represent a nautical recognition. The new compass logo maintains the white, grey and blue colors representing Members’ passion for boating in all-weather conditions. Clear skies (white), cloudy skies (grey), and the St. Croix River (blue).